Creative Marketing & Website Strategy Worksheet
You want a new logo, marketing collateral or a website? Let us know more about you so we can design and estimate the best options and set you up for success. Feel free to skip any questions that don't make sense for your situation.
Your Company and Existing Brand

Your Company Name(s) *

If you'd like to market a name different than your legal business name, please list both.
Website URL

can be live or a domain name you've purchased but don't have a site at yet
Your company culture, key people and brief background

Your mission and vision

Existing Branding

Discuss existing identity/branding assets including logos, artwork, fonts. Include links where possible or email separately.
Brand Experience: What style & tone do you take/prefer for your branded conversations with audiences?

e.g. personal one-on-one, watercooler, colleague-to-colleague, professional, casual
Your Competitors

List at least three competitors, along with websites or ads where possible.

How does your company distinguish itself from the competition?

Your Project

What are you interested in creating or improving? *

What are the basic goals and objectives? What outcome will make this project successful? *

What are your time schedule requirements? List any events and dates that depend on this project. *

Has any work been done towards the project?

List any collateral already created, slogans, taglines, etc.
Budget *

Do you have a budget? Can be a range.
Check the top 3 considerations in terms of importance: *

Your Website or Newsletter Project

Answer the following questions if you're interested in building a new website or setting up email newsletter campaigns.
How do you expect your audience to read/interact with your site? *

Where will content come from?

Will it be written by someone in your company, outsourced? Will it be new, recycled, or both?
How often will you add new content or update?

What features do you believe to be necessary?

e.g. download areas, e-commerce, mailing list or class registrations ...
What is the budget for hosting and maintenance?

Who will maintain the site content?

Do you have any technical constraints or requirements?

Let us know if you have to work with specific vendors or an in-house IT team when it comes to: domain name registration, hosting, databases.
Field Trip

The fun part! The more work you put into the following, the more your project will benefit. What you round up will inform design, allowing us to jump start your project efficiently. Find ONE site or image for each of the following:
Image/branding in a similar situation to yours.

Image/branding in a similar situation to yours.

Appeal to same target group of customers

Appeal to same target group of customers

Functionality you like and want on your site

List site and the specific functionality you like.
Colors, look-and-feel, user interface, layout you LIKE (needn't be in the same industry)

List sites and what in particular you like about each one.
Overall favorite sites

For whatever reasons, may be personal.
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